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Special Notes

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Below is a list of subjects that many of our guests have asked about. We hope you will find it useful in your decision to stay at the Abbey Guest Center.

Check in:  All guests must check in at St. Raphael Hall and fill out an Emergency Contact Sheet. Please leave the Emergency Contact Sheet on the Porter's Desk. Please do not take another room without first checking with the staff. We need to know what room you are in to contact you with phone messages or in the case of an emergency.

Check out:  We ask our guests to make up the room for the next guest to keep our room costs at a minimum for your stay. Instructions on how to leave your room are located on the back of your room door. To see the suggested donation page click here. Please leave what you can. Any extra donation is tax deductible and will be used to help offset guests who may not be able to afford the full costs to stay with us.

Telephones: Telephones are located in the Hospitality Room of Marian Hall 2nd floor and 3rd floor across from lounge. A courtesy phone is located in the main lobby of St. Raphael Hall as well. To use the phone, dial 5 to get off the grounds. Then, 1 for long distance followed by the area code and number. You will need a calling card with an 800 number or you can dial a collect call. Instructions are by each phone. In the case of an emergency, ask the staff or Oblate-On-Call to get you to a phone that they can access without a calling card. All phones can dial out to reach 911.

Candles and Smoking Policy:  For the safety of all guests, no smoking, incense burners or lighted candles in the buildings at any times. Smokers please smoke outside, not in the stairwells or breezeways. Please throw cigarette butts in the outdoor containers, not on the grounds or in flower pots.

Spirit of quiet:  Many guests come here to rest and pray. Please maintain a spirit of quiet while residing in the Guesthouse. Use lounges for visiting. Night silence begins at 10 p.m. This means visiting in lounges only. Please be careful not to slam doors. Children are not to be allowed to run up and down hallways.If someone is being too loud, please go to them first and express your concern. If the behavior continues, then contact one of the Abbey Center Staff. Guests sometimes just do not realize how much noise they are making.

Alarm clocks, extra pillows, iron, ...  Located in Marian Hall 2nd floor - Center of the building across from the lounge is a room with extra items guests often ask for. Please go to this room for those items. Please do not take items from another room. There is a limited supply of these items so if you take something please return it to this room.There are also extra towels and linens in the following locations:  Marian Hall 2nd floor across from the lounge in the center of the building.  St. Benedict Hall - room in the middle of the building on each of the top two floors.

Hospitality Office:  Located on the 2nd floor of Marian Hall – Room M202.  On most weekends this room is staffed by an Oblate-On-Call. Their job is to serve your needs during your stay. They are trained to take care of various simple requests: like getting you back into your room if you are locked out, resetting a hot water heater, adjusting your room temperature or calling the right person for any maintenance needs they cannot handle.They also staff the "Snack Shack" which contains a fridge full of pop and bottled water. Candy, chips, basic toothbrushes, batteries, shower shoes, journals, cameras and many other items are available as well. On the weekend, when there is no Oblate-On-Call or during the week, just ask one of the Abbey staff and they will assist you.

Refrigerators, Microwaves and Coffee pots: Coffee pots are located on each of the floors in Marian Hall and on in the lower level of St. Benedict Hall. A donation jar for coffee and tea is available to help offset costs for this service. At this time there are no cooking facilities available to guests. There is a microwave in the Hospitality Office M202 and one on the second floor of Marian Hall across from the lounge.

Washing machines: There are no washing machines for guests at this time.  If you have an urgent need, let a staff person know.  Our housekeepers have access to a washer and dryer that we can allow guests to use in special circumstances. Please ask us first before using these appliances.

Bennet Gift & Book Store: Located in St. Raphael Hall. Normal operating hours are: Monday through Friday: 8:30 am-11:30 am, 1:30 pm-4:00 pm, Saturdays: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm, Sundays: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Any special hours or changes due to holiday or feast day are posted on the glass doors as you enter the store. The Gift Shop contains all the Printery House items as well as spiritual reading books, prayer books, Bibles, gifts from other monasteries, and items made by the Conception community.

Abbey Grounds: There are walking trails for guests to use. To see a map of our walking trails click here.  Fishing in Lake Placid is permitted without a license. Fishing poles are available to borrow in the Hospitality Office or see a staff person to check one out.

Visiting the Benedictine sisters at Clyde: The Sisters' monastery is located about two miles from the Abbey. Their Heritage Room and Chapel are favorite places for out guests. Groups of ten or more should call ahead if you are planning to attend prayers or wish to have a tour. Smaller groups can visit the Chapel at any time. The Heritage display and gift shop require calling ahead. To reach the Sisters call the following number: 660-944-2221. From a house phone you need only dial the 5 to get off grounds and then 944-2221.

Library: Located on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph Hall.  Guests are welcome to visit and use the library during normal hours (posted outside library door). Guests are not to check out or remove books unless they have made previous arrangement with the library staff. A guest library is located in the 2nd floor lounge of Marian Hall. Books and tapes are available for our guests to take to their rooms and use while visiting the Abbey.

Internet access: Available in the library. Guests are welcome to check personal email and get online for research. 

Fax and Copy Machines: During normal business hours we can offer this service through our Abbey Center Office located in St. Michael Hall - ground level. During other times, please see a staff person on-call.

Oblate Craft and Gift Center: Homemade craft items made by the Conception Oblate Community are available for a small donation. The monies collected go towards helping to maintain and purchase items for the guest rooms. The items are located in Marian Hall in the 2nd floor lounge.

Have a Blessed and Peaceful Stay

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