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Conception Seminary College (CSC)
Admission to Conception Seminary College liberal arts philosophy program is limited to qualified men who have been properly admitted into a program of priestly formation. Each candidate for admission must be sponsored by his Ordinary or Religious Superior and then approved by the CSC Admission’s Board. To see the entire list of Admission Requirements please click here.

CSC Mission
The Mission of Conception Seminary College is the preparation of candidates for the ordained ministry in the Roman Catholic Church, through spiritual, intellectual, and character formation in the Benedictine tradition.
In order to fulfill its mission, Conception Seminary College seeks to:

  • Provide a holistic approach to education, where academic, spiritual, and character formation programs complement one another;
  • respond to the needs of the Church in preparing its prospective ministers;
  • provide the human, financial, and learning resources essential to its formational endeavors; and
  • maintain a qualified faculty, a useful and supportive library, and effective administrative practices.

To read about the different formation programs at CSC please click here.

International Students
Conception Seminary College is authorized by the United States Department of Homeland Security to enroll international students in its program of priestly formation.

Inaugurated in 1998, the Language, Culture and Church Program provides intensive English-language studies for those whose first language is not English, as well as support in adapting to American culture and Church realities. Students needing tutoring in composition, grammar, speaking and comprehension spend up to four semesters in intensive English studies. Developmental issues, cultural expression, and community living are discussed in peer groups and supported by the character formation staff. Spiritual formation takes into account the faith background and practices of each student. The full integration of Language, Culture and Church students into the life of the seminary college allows all seminarians to be enriched by new cultural forms and challenges for future ministry.

Program Completion Reports

May of 2013 - Conception Seminary College had 22 program completers of which all were male and 5 were Pell grant recipients.  Of these 22 the following ethnicities were present:

  • 5 Hispanic/Latino
  • 1 Ethnicity Unknown/Unreported
  • 16 White

May of 2012 - Conception Seminary College had 16 program completers of which all were male and 6 were Pell grant recipients.  Of these 16 the following ethnicities were present:

  • 2 Asian
  • 1 Black/African American
  • 1 Hispanic/Latino
  • 12 White

May of 2011 - Conception Seminary College had 31 program completers of which all were male and 16 were Pell grant recipients.  Of these 31 the following ethnicities were present:

  • 4 Asian
  • 3  Hispanic/Latino
  • 24 White 

Seminary Cost of Education


Cost of Education







Books & Supplies





Personal Needs







Activity Fee




Health Service Fee










Tuition, Room, Board, and Fees

Total, including estimated costs for tuition, room, board, and fees: $33,640.00 per year.
The estimated costs will vary from student to student, depending on circumstances, personal budgeting, and lifestyle.

For questions regarding tuition and student fees contact your local diocese or contact our financial aid office at:

Br. Justin Hernandez, OSB
Director of Financial Aid
Conception Seminary College
PO Box 502, Conception MO 64433-0502
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questions regarding admissions, housing, insurance, withdrawal, health services, etc. please contact Bro. Luke Kral, OSB, Director of Admissions at:

Bro. Luke Kral, O.S.B.
Director of Admissions and Vocation Promotion
Conception Seminary College
P.O. Box 502, Conception, MO 64433-0502
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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