Admissions Requirements

Conception Seminary CollegeCSC Admission Requirements

1. Application Form provided by Conception Seminary College, request by phone or use the on-line form.

2. Autobiography of 3-5 (not more than 10) double-spaced, typed pages, covering the applicant’s faith history, family history, work history, and educational history. This may be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

3. Two letters of recommendation from persons who know the candidate. One must be from the candidate’s pastor or a priest who knows him.

4. Official transcript issued directly to Conception Seminary College, reflecting the work completed in any of the following programs. Please note that these documents must be received before an applicant can be considered for admission. All documents (transcripts, GED certificates, ACT scores, WES evaluations, etc) must be issued directly to Conception Seminary College to be considered official. Official documents submitted to the diocese and later forwarded to Conception do NOT replace the official documents that must be forwarded directly to the College.

Freshman applicants must arrange to have official transcripts sent from the last high school attended. A partial transcript should be submitted if the applicant is still in school. Graduates from state-approved home school programs must provide either a diploma from a regionally-accredited** high school or an official GED certificate as proof of equivalent academic achievement. If the applicant who has completed the home school program does not have either of these, but has taken the ACT and earned a composite score of at least 24, an official ACT report will be accepted in lieu of the high school diploma or GED certificate. Graduates from a state-approved GED program must provide an official GED certificate, indicating satisfactory completion of a GED program.

Transfer students must provide official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended, even if no credit was earned. If the transfer student has completed less than one full year of college, he must also provide high school transcripts and an ACT/SAT Assessment Report. A partial transcript should be submitted if the applicant is still in school.

International students who have course work completed at an institution outside of the United States will be required to have special evaluation by an international evaluation agency. We recommend that the applicant submit his credentials to WES (World Educational Services) for a course-by-course evaluation before applying to the college, so that the transfer work can be considered during the admissions process. Students who have already had international credits evaluated by a different agency should contact the Registrar’s Office to insure that the evaluation is acceptable. Information concerning the evaluation process can be accessed at

** Regional accrediting agencies include The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE); The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC); The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI); The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS); and The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

5. ACT/SAT Assessment Report (freshman applicants) issued directly to the college. The student should designate Conception Seminary College (ACT Code 2280; SAT Code 6112) as an intended score recipient when the test is taken. If provision for this service was not made when the ACT/SAT examination was taken, a special request form, obtainable from the Admissions Office, must be mailed to ACT/SAT to authorize an official score transcript.

6. Three physical examination reports, one a medical history filled out by the student, another completed by an examining physician, and the third (the Meningococcal Vaccination Requirement) to be completed by your Health Care Provider. All reports should be done on Conception Seminary College’s standard forms.

HIV/AIDS test—after the candidate receives results to HIV test he will photocopy and attach results to his health records. All HIV test results are considered confidential information by CSC.

7. Certificates of Baptism and Confirmation issued by the parish where these sacraments were received.

8. A criminal background check must be conducted through the diocese and sent to Conception Seminary College prior to admittance.

9. The candidate must be free from all of the following impediments to Holy Orders (CIC 1041):

  • Some form of psychological insanity that expert consultation deems unqualified to fulfill priestly ministry;
  • Committed apostasy, heresy, or schism;
  • Attempted illicit marriage;
  • Committed voluntary homicide;
  • Participated in an abortion or cooperated with the procuring of an abortion;
  • Mutilated self or another;
  • Attempted suicide;
  • Simulated the office of priest or bishop.

If a candidate possesses one or more of the above impediments he must seek proper dispensation according to the norms of ecclesiastical law.

10. Interpretive psychological report by a licensed clinical psychologist for which the applicant is required to complete a full battery of psychological tests. Conception Seminary College’s Department of Counseling Services has prepared Guidelines for Psychological Evaluation designed to inform the applicant, any sponsoring agent, and the evaluating psychologist of the specific requirements regarding the evaluation. The written interpretive report is released to the Director of Counseling Services. The report and test scores should be sent to:  (click for update, 2011)

Director of Counseling Services
Conception Seminary College
P.O. Box 502
Conception, MO 64433-0502

11. Letter of Sponsorship issued by the Arch/Diocese or Religious Community sponsoring the applicant.

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