Alumnus Reaches for the Stars

Alumnus Chuck Spinner (C '68) has recently published a book compiling favorite prayers of celebrities. Following is a press release Chuck was able to send in promotion of his book:


From sports to Hollywood to politics, it turns out that we really don’t know very much about the celebrities we pay so much attention to. We know why they’re famous, but we don’t know what motivates them and gives them strength. We don’t know what lays beneath the public persona.In A Book of Prayers: To the Heavens from the Stars (published by AuthorHouse), Chuck Spinner has compiled the favorite prayers of over 100 well known celebrities. Included among these famous people are Oscar winners, Heisman Trophy recipients, Olympic gold medalists, four-star generals, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and even a monarch and three former Miss Americas.

Spinner opens the book by meditating on the qualities and power of prayer. He then provides engaging introductions to each of the celebrities and the prayers they submitted. To the Heavens from the Stars concludes with quotes from famous historical figures on the significance and power of prayer. The book highlights both religion and history and illustrates that athletes, entertainers and governmental officials can and do provide models for prayer in one’s life.


Doug Dieken, the former Cleveland Browns All-Pro lineman, writes in the introduction that Spinner presents a refreshing, spiritual alternative to celebrity obsession. “In a world where headlines are often made by famous people who have done something bad, the book To the Heavens from the Stars presents famous people who are role models for their beliefs as well as their worldly achievements.”


Chuck Spinner graduated from Conception Seminary College in 1968, but discontinued his seminary studies at that point and began a 33-year career as a social studies teacher in the Cleveland area. Spinner was named a Jennings Scholar and a Jennings Master Teacher Award recipient in 1979 and has also been designated as a Kent State Read Scholar and a John D. Rockefeller Scholar.

A Book of Prayers: To the Heavens from the Stars is his first book, and he is currently working on a book about heartwarming and humorous interactions between grandparents and their grandchildren.

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