Academic Formation

The purpose of the Academic Formation Program is twofold: first, to help each seminarian acquire a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the intellectual skills and curiosity that will sustain him on his lifelong faith journey; and, second, to equip him with the tools to share that knowledge in the community of faith. Acquisition of the necessary intellectual skills is evident through his development as an intellectually curious, disciplined, reflective, independent and responsible person.

The objectives of academic formation are realized when the seminarian becomes:

  • a person with a taste for learning and a desire for excellence
  • a person who respects truth: honest in discovering it and reasonable in defending it
  • a person with an open mind, willing to truly listen to and consider
    different points of view
  • a person who communicates ideas clearly, concisely, and responsibly
  • a person with a deep understanding of the rich history and beliefs of the Catholic faith.