Character Formation

The purpose of the Character Formation Program is to assist the seminarian in developing his character and personality so that they become for others a bridge to Christ by a threefold progression of knowledge of self, acceptance of self and gift of self. In embracing his own humanity and conforming himself to the full humanity of Jesus Christ, the seminarian becomes more the person God has called him to be. In developing an integral and relational humanity, he becomes a persuasive, thoughtful, credible and generous minister in all that he says and does. Through this process he properly prepares himself for the priestly vocation and is able to offer his life in service to others.

The objectives of character formation are realized when a seminarian becomes:

  • a generous man of communion ready to engage with a diversity
    of persons
  • a prudent and discerning person of solid moral character
  • a person of affective maturity able to form mutually enriching
  • one who exercises responsible stewardship, whether of his body,
    material possessions or the environment
  • a man of integrity comfortable in assuming a public profile and
    leadership roles.