Knights of Columbus Officer Installation

With the new school year comes a handing over of the guard when it comes to leadership at Conception. This is true for every aspect of life at CSC, the Knights of Columbus are no exception to the rule. They also have one of the more formal transitions of all the groups on campus. On Sept. 11, the new officers made their way down to the Alumni Union for their official officer installation. This year’s officers are:

Grand Knight: John P Lewis (Archdiocese of Oklahoma City) Deputy Grand Knight: Eric J Martin (Diocese of Jefferson City)

Chancellor: Nathan C Eftink (Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau)

Recorder: Braden Maher (Diocese of Springfield, Ill.)

Treasurer: Timothy F Ruckel (Archdiocese of Oklahoma City)

Advocate: Brian E Jilka (Diocese of Kansas City-Kansas)

Lecturer: Guillermo Trevino (Diocese of Davenport)

Warden: Adam L Droll (Diocese of San Angelo) Inside Guard: Allen A Kirchner (Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau) Outside Guard: David Bauer (Diocese of Jefferson City) One Year Trustee: Benjamin Lee (Diocese of Jefferson City) Two Year Trustee: Christopher W Ciaffa (Diocese of Sioux City) Three Year Trustee: Christopher T Brashears (Archdiocese of Oklahoma City) Financial Secretary: Br. David Wilding (Conception Abbey)

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