Conception Coffee Shop Night

Smoke and miters: CSC Seminarians perform their remake of Michael Jackson's Thriller, turning it into a vocational promotion piece, Thrill of the Call.
Here the winning group poses for a photo...possibly future album art??? Photos by Geoff Brooke

Friday, March 13 saw the return of one of the biggest student events at Conception Seminary College: Coffee Shop. Coffee Shop is put together by the Fine Arts Committee and involves students performing skits, songs, dances, etc. while the audience enjoys coffee, teas, hot chocolate and snacks. The event is held in St. Michael's gym and is attended by all of the students, several faculty members, family members, and monks. This year Coffee Shop coincided with the Board of Regents and so even a few of the Regents were in attendance.

The roughly two and a half hour show included students playing bluegrass music, barbershop quartets, original songs, original poetry, mariachi music, original sketches, and popular songs as well. The winning act was a group of six students dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller with a Catholic twist entitled "The Thrill of the Call". The students dressed as members of different religious orders and added some original choreography and an original intro voice-over.

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