Is Priesthood for You?

You have opened this link by clicking on an important question. “Is the priesthood for you?” If you are sincerely asking yourself this question, then something is stirring in your soul, and you owe it to yourself to begin looking for an answer.

A call to the priesthood is something mysterious which often can be no more than a gentle whisper heard in one's heart. It is both a personal and unique call. You may be already experiencing the subtle promptings of the Holy Spirit in your life which has directed you to further explore this. Whatever has led you to explore the priesthood as your possible calling in life, you owe it to yourself to begin looking for an answer.

There are several steps you should take to seek God’s will in your life. First, turn to God in prayer and ask Him for the grace necessary to do His will in your life. It is in the silence and stillness of prayer that you will be able to hear God's whisper guiding you. Be honest with God and include in your prayers any fears or obstacles that you may have.

Next, it is essential to have someone help you sort out this question. Your pastor or a priest you know might be a wise choice. In addition to answering any practical questions, he can help you further explore this question by contacting the vocation director for the diocese or religious community. If you need further information about our programs at Conception Seminary College or how to reach your vocation director, please contact our Director of Admissions and Recruitment, whose address, telephone number and e-mail address are listed below. He can tell you about our Encounter With God's Call weekend, an excellent opportunity to explore God's call and experience seminary life. We host two Encounter weekends each year.

Congratulations, you are beginning an exciting journey. You and all men and women considering religious life are in the daily prayers of the monks and seminarians of Conception Abbey and Seminary College. May God guide you on your journey.

Sincerely in Christ,

Very Rev. Samuel Russell, O.S.B.

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