Friday, Feb. 26th 2016

A Vineyard to Tend – Lenten Reflection by Martin Parizek

“He who ponders the law of the Lord day and night, will yield his fruit in due season.” Ps1:2-3

God has given all of us a vineyard to tend. This vineyard of course is our soul. It is comprised of our talents, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, successes and failures. He gives us the tools we need so that the vineyard may grow and produce a bountiful harvest for Him. Do we use our talents for God’s glory or our own? How often do we think of God throughout the day? Do we freely give him time out of our day or only when we are required to? Are our day to day dealings so important that we cannot give God even a little of our time every day? In this season of Lent, let us not be like the selfish tenants and instead grow ever closer to God.



Martin is a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City in his third year of formation.  He enjoys making people laugh, and engaging in philosophical discussions with others.



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