Tuesday, Feb. 16th 2016

“Christ Calls Us to Freedom” – Reflection by Ty Taylor

In the epic film “Braveheart,” we follow William Wallace in his struggle against the British. We watch as he ultimately sacrifices his life, bellowing his fierce battle cry: FREEEEDOOMMM!

My friends, Christ calls us to pray the Our Father from our heart in freedom.  “Forgive us—as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  It’s tough—the more we are wounded, the harder the battle to forgive the other person.  But a hard-won victory is the sweetest.  For in forgiveness, Christ sets us free from anger jealousy, and the chains of revenge.

Listen closely to the prayer.  Jesus tells us to ask for mercy before we ask for help in forgiving, because we are only able to give God’s mercy to others when we know how deeply God cares for us. Do we allow His grace to cleanse our wounds, so that we can offer mercy and be set free?



Ty Taylor is a senior studying for the Diocese of Wichita in Kansas.

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