Monday, Oct. 3rd 2016

A Community Cemented Together

St. Michael’s Hall open house brings community together

Thursday, September 29, The Solemnity of the Holy Archangels, Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael was the cause for a little revelry in the underclassmen dorms. The freshman and sophomore of Saint Micheal’s Hall hosted an open house for the upperclassmen, pre-theologians, monks, and staff to see the students’ way of life. One could enjoy snacks and refreshments while meeting and seeing the underclassmen in their natural environments.

One of the things that people most enjoy is looking at the book collection, or lack thereof, of the seminarians of St. Michael’s Hall. Fr. Thomas’ room is also a favorite stop for guests at the annual open house. As a bi-ritual priest, Fr. Thomas has many interesting pieces of an Eastern flair.

Sophomore John Paul Hartnedy commented, “It was awesome to see everyone there, you got to talk with older guys you don’t usually chat with unless you have an elective with them. Even the kitchen staff was there!” Saint Micheal’s open house is one of the many ways our seminary community is cemented together as

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