Tuesday, Mar. 8th 2016

Crutch Season at CSC – Lenten Reflection by Chris Davis

Each year at seminary, there’s a season in which the sound of footsteps entering the oratory or classrooms is punctuated by the ‘click-click—thunk’ of persons using crutches. Sadly, ‘crutch season’ has arrived in force this semester. While it’s never a good thing to have to experience injury, and the subsequent lack of mobility can be terribly frustrating, some aspects of crutch-season never cease to cause wonder. One of these aspects is the genuine care that is shown to the crutch-bearers. Probably, though, the concern expressed for the ‘crutched’ can be overbearing at times. If this is true, it’s even more remarkable when the victims of crutch-season accept the help and concern offered them! Whenever this happens, it’s like stepping into John’s account of the Gospel: Jesus is drawn to the sick and crippled man and asks him, “Do you want to be well?” (What a question!). The man knows what he desires and he’s not afraid to tell Jesus—there isn’t a moment’s hesitation and his simple trust garners him healing. May we all, with or without crutches, be like this man who is so unafraid to share his limitations with Jesus! Where there is trust, there is mercy!


Chris Davis is a college seminarian for the Diocese of Salina in Kansas and is in his junior year of formation at Conception Seminary College. He currently serves as the president of the CSC Community Council. Chris is most deeply grateful to God for his family and for faith, and is looking forward to creating more space to listen to God’s voice this Lenten season.

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