Monday, May. 9th 2016

CSC 2016 Graduates: Br. Damian, CMC

BrDamian.jpgReligious Order / Diocese?

Congregation of Mary Co-Redemptrix / Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau

Home Parish?

Saint Adalbert

Future plans after graduation?

Stay at The Congregation of The Mother Co-Redemptrix for discernment, formation, and work in the community for 2 years until I receive my Final Vows, (if God wills) to prepare for theology studies at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA.

Favorite Memory from your time at Conception Seminary College?

When the school had a lock down. The best part was all classes were cancel for the afternoon.

Spending quality times with seminarians, such as team sports, watch sports, movies, play video games, exercise, and study together.

Favorite course you took at CSC?

Ethics with Dr. Stilley

What will you miss the most CSC?

The people from CSC.

Favorite Sacred Scripture passage?

Ephesians 4:2

What did you learn most while at CSC?

Use your time here effectively. It will benefit greatly for future study and for priestly life. Do not be afraid to step up. Be yourself!

Words of wisdom?

Every defeat, every failure, every loss, contains its own lessons for improvement.

What ways have you grown as a result of the formation at CSC?

I have grown in prayer and in taking responsibility and leadership.

Current reading?

Through the Year with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections

Patron Saints?

St. Peter Damian

Any words to offer about those that helped in your formation at CSC?

They did an excellent job in my formation. They were very helpful in many ways and I owe them a lot throughout my four years here. Keep it up!

Favorite spiritual reading?

All of Matthew Kelly’s books. His books are very interesting to read and his lessons are very practical and I can relate to them in my daily life.

Greatest impact on your decision to enter seminary? Why?

My parents, priests, and spending time in prayer were the greatest factors for my decision to enter the religious life and the seminary. The stories they share about their faith has inspired me to do good things for people and to serve God.

Favorite hour of the Divine Office?

Lectio Divina, because that is where I get to speak to God.


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