Saturday, Apr. 30th 2016

CSC 2016 Graduates: Hayden Charles


The Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Home Parish?

Saint Francis of Assisi

Future plans after graduation?

Go to Mundelein Seminary to continue my priestly formation.

Favorite Memory from your time at Conception Seminary College?

“t’s really difficult to narrow it down to just one; there’s so many different stories I want to tell. But the one that keeps coming back to mind is a simple daily Mass homily given by our Dean of Spiritual Formation, Father Xavier Nacke, OSB. I don’t remember the readings from the Mass, but I remember Father Xavier being very passionate with his message that morning. He said, with incredible conviction that will always be ingrained in my memory, “You’re not just some dude! God calls you, by name!” I was just so struck by his zeal and the love of God that he communicated so well that day. It felt like he was saying this to each of us, individually; that God was speaking through his words to each of us. I’ll always appreciate that moment and how it affected my prayer life and my discernment.

Favorite course you took at CSC?

Father Xavier’s spirituality portion of Chastity and Celibacy

What will you miss the most CSC?

The community is the thing about Conception that I will miss most. Between monks and priests on the faculty and staff, the administration and professors, and the brothers that I have had the privilege of going to school with for the past three years, the community surrounding Conception is what I will miss the most. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to the people who make this place what it is for the impact they have had on my life and my vocation.

Favorite Sacred Scripture passage?

Philippians 2:5-11

What did you learn most while at CSC?

The answer that immediately comes to mind is the Person of Jesus Christ. I have received a Catholic education for almost my entire life, so I learned a lot about Jesus, but until coming to Conception I don’t think I fully understood who He is and who He is asking me to be. Through prayer, the sacraments, my formation for the priesthood, and the community surrounding me I have met the person of Jesus Christ and learned who He is, which is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Words of wisdom?

“Allow God to love you.” -Father Xavier Nacke, OSB

What ways have you grown as a result of the formation at CSC?

Overall I would say that I’ve become more aware of who I am and who God is inviting me to be. I know my strengths and my weaknesses and how to channel both of these things in everything that I do. This has allowed me to foster a greater freedom and a greater ability to give myself to whatever I am involved in.

Current reading?

The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis and An Ocean Full of Angels by Peter Kreeft

Patron Saints?

St. Christopher because Christopher is my middle name and St. Dominic Savio because he is my confirmation saint

Any words to offer about those that helped in your formation at CSC?

As I said earlier, no words are enough to describe my gratitude for the formation staff that has prepared me to be a Catholic man in the world today and, God willing, a priest of Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t trade my time at Conception for the world because, although it involved a lot of struggle, I have grown up here to be a man after God’s own heart, and it is the formation staff that has helped mold me into this man. I still have a lot of work to do, but the blueprints that the Conception staff has helped write are there, and I know I will reap the benefit of their work for years to come.

Favorite spiritual reading?

“The Way of Trust and Love” by Father Jacques Philippe because for me, it is a brief, but beautiful summation of the Christian spiritual life.

Greatest impact on your decision to enter seminary? Why?

There was a priest at my parish named Father Reuben Ortiz who, by his example of joy, his involvement in my life and the life of my family, and the passion with which he lived that played a big role in opening me to the possibility of a priestly vocation. I chose him as my Confirmation sponsor when I was confirmed, and he has always been very supportive of me in whatever I do, especially in my discernment and vocation.

Favorite hour of the Divine Office?

Office of Readings because I really enjoy hearing from Scripture and the Church Fathers. Also, I am a morning person and I tend to pray this hour first, so it provides a great start to each day.



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