Friday, May. 13th 2016

CSC 2016 Graduates: Jon Hynek



Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Home Parish?

St. Francis of Assisi

Future plans after graduation?

Continuing my formation at St. Francis de Sales Seminary, St. Francis, Wisconsin.

Favorite memory from your time at Conception Seminary College?

Going to a Chiefs Game with a 1/4 of the school

Favorite course you took at CSC?

Church in the Late Middle Ages with Br. Thomas

What will you miss the most CSC?

I will miss how Conception Abbey and Seminary College celebrate Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum.

Favorite Sacred Scripture passage?

John 1:14

What did you learn most while at CSC?

Be who you are, not what your parish, your friends, or anyone says, be who you are; a child of God.
Any words of wisdom?
Do not spend your time complaining about things, but see where good can come from it.
What ways have you grown as a result of the formation at CSC?
I have really come into myself. I have learned to understand who I am as a person and how to work each day to becoming the best child of God I can be, and the formation staff at CSC helped me find the tools to do just that.

Currently reading?

Fire Within by Thomas Dubay

Patron Saints?

St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. John Vianney

Any words to offer about those that helped in your formation at CSC?

The formation staff has shown me that there is no one personality of being a priest. They have shown me that one’s own personality is what makes the priesthood unique and beautiful.

Greatest impact on your decision to enter seminary? Why?

First would be God, then my family, and last, but definitely not least my pastor growing up. All of these figures have lead me to seminary. God called me to come here, my parents supported me through it all, and my pastor opened my eyes to the possibility to becoming a priest.

Favorite hour of the Divine Office?

Night Prayer. “May the all-powerful Lord grant us a restful night and a peaceful death.”
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