Friday, Feb. 19th 2016

“It isn’t fair!” – Lenten Reflection by Bro. Michael

“It isn’t fair!”  You have surely heard a whining child blurt out this exclamation at some time or other.  You may even have found yourself somewhat amused by the child’s narrow view of a distressing situation.  But if we are all honest with ourselves, how often have we used this same phrase—even if only whispered within the walls of our own rooms?  The first reading from the prophet Ezekiel hits us squarely between the eyes and turns the table: “Is it my way that is unfair, or rather, are not your ways unfair?”  There isn’t any getting around this one.  The finger is pointing back at us.  We hold on to old angers, resentments and hurts that cause us to distance ourselves from others, to respond gruffly or indifferently to their requests or to gossip about or to slander the other person.  This puts us at odds with our brothers and sisters.  The gospel challenges us to face our unfairness with honesty before we approach the altar.  There is no use going through the motions of prayer while holding grudges in our hearts.  And mere recognition of the situation is not enough.  St. Matthew challenges us to action, to seek reconciliation with those who “have anything against us.”  It is only then that we can come to worship and praise our just and merciful God with a clear conscience and a peaceful heart.

Br Michael Fall 2013

Br. Michael, a monk of Conception Abbey for 40 years, serves as choirmaster and organist to the community.  He also teaches Music Theory and Calligraphy at Conception Seminary College and conducts calligraphy retreats.  Along with his passion for lettering, he is an avid genealogist.

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