Sunday, Feb. 21st 2016

Lent and the Transfiguration of Christ – Reflection by Fr. Pat York

One of the many examples of St. John Paul II’s legacy is the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. The Fourth Luminous Mystery is the Transfiguration of our Lord. This mystery itself has been a source of great joy, peace and consolation when I focus on the gift of everlasting life, most especially recently with the death of my father. What a beautiful image of Dad and Mom with all my relatives and friends, who hopefully died in God’s grace, beautifully transformed!

To trust that those who are faithful will be transfigured/transformed to be with Christ himself, and that we will share in his glory, that we will be united in Him in a way that we cannot even begin to comprehend…is at one time an awe-inspiring thought and desire, and then again, for me, a sinner, truly humbling!

Lent reminds us of our calling, our dignity, and our final goal! In all things may God grace us so that we may keep our eye on that goal, and never forget that who we are and how we live is always in and through Christ! The Transfigured Christ!

Fr. Pat York is a priest of the Diocese of Wichita in Kansas and the Vice-Rector and Dean of Students at Conception Seminary College.

Featured Image: Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP: “Transfiguration of the Lord” taken in the basicalla Santi Nereo ed Archilleo in Rome.
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