Sunday, Mar. 27th 2016

Let Us Be Moved! – Easter Reflection

Praised Be Jesus Christ, Our Risen King!

In the second volume of his Jesus of Nazareth writings, Pope Benedict XVI speaks about the Resurrection as “an evolutionary leap.” It is the opening up of a new life that Jesus has accomplished through His work of salvation. This is not simply a historical event in time, but a consequential altering of our very lives. Christ was dead and is now alive. We must realize the impact of the Resurrection, quite literally live through it, and see everything in the light of our salvation! If we carry this out, it will directly affect the very way in which we live. We should wonder at this!

This, of course, is not instantaneous and requires patience and the seeking of a constant conversion. This is the beauty of the Lenten season; it has allowed us to ‘remember’ and to give ourselves again wholly and completely to God. Our time of turning back to Him was not for nothing, but for the very reason we celebrate This Day; that we may live in the Resurrection of the Christ!

Let us at every moment remember why we celebrate the Resurrection, and ask God to forever transfigure our hearts unto His. We must rejoice in His gift of a new humanity and strive to be ever worthy of it by living simply and courageously in faith, hope, and charity. May God send His blessing on us all in this time of jubilation! 


Walter Pugh is a third year seminarian of the Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa.  Walter plays violin, watch films, reads books, and wonders at the beauty of creation. He finds the Holy Liturgy of the Church to be the most heart-wrenching and awesome pinnacle of our relationship to Our Lord.


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