About the Library


To serve the information needs (spiritual, intellectual, and recreational) of the communities of Conception Abbey (monks and guests) and Conception Seminary College (faculty, staff, and students).


The library holds just over 125,000 items and about 180,000 eBooks.

Over the past year, the library has loaned just over 6,700 items to our patrons and libraries across the country. The library has borrowed just over 4,500 items from other libraries for our patrons.


Collection/organization: To provide a comprehensive collection of information resources and services in appropriate formats optimally organized and arranged for convenient access by members of Conception Abbey and its divisions.

Staff: To recruit and retain a highly qualified and competent staff and to provide support and opportunities for the continuing education of that staff.

Services/programs: To provide a variety of services responding to current and anticipated information needs of members of Conception Abbey and its divisions as well as training in the use of these services.

Physical facilities: To provide housing for the optimal use, access, storage, and staffing of the current information resources of the Abbey Library as well as anticipated expansion.

Financial resources: To secure funding to serve the information needs of the members of Conception Abbey and its divisions through collections, facilities, staff, and services and to exercise appropriate and responsible stewardship and accountability in the use of these funds.

Relationship to parent organization: To support the mission of Conception Abbey and its divisions through the provision of optimal information resources and services.

System: To provide an organizational climate which supports personal and professional staff development to meet the service goals of the Abbey Library and which promotes appropriate involvement by staff members in decisions and policies affecting their work.

Cooperating/networking: To cooperate with other libraries, consortia, and information agencies to provide enhanced access to desired information.

Special/unique goals: To provide preservation and conservation services for Conception Abbey’s special collections and historical record.

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