Conception Seminary College

Forming Men of Communion

The vision of Conception Seminary College is this: to be a stable community, seeking the will of Christ, and conforming our lives to Him. We create this intentional community in a deserted place that is a source for virtue and readying shepherds to nurture the Church.


20/20 Vision: Clarity and Perspective

Recently a colleague at Conception Seminary College paid me a compliment. Like me, he was returning to work in the seminary for a second time after a break. He said I gave him confidence this time to do his ministry better because, as Dean of Students, I "have a vision."

It is always a bit awkward when someone praises your vision. I say that because I was sure I knew what in fact my vision was...


Vocation Directors

This page offers resources for Vocations Directors and Bishops in preparing men to discern God's call to the priesthood at Conception Seminary College.



Support Our Ministry

For over 135 years, Conception Seminary College has worked to form Men of Communion who seek to serve Christ's people with their whole hearts. You have the opportunity to support young men answering the Lord's call to discern and prepare for the priesthood.


Mission Statement

The Mission of Conception of Seminary College is the preparation of candidates for the ordained in the Roman Catholic Church, through spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, and human formation in the Benedictine tradition.

In order fulfill its mission, Conception Seminary College seeks to:

  • provide a holistic approach to education, where academic, spiritual, pastoral, and human formation programs complement one another;
  • respond to the needs of the Church in preparing its prospective ministers;
  • provide the human, financial, and learning resources essential to its formational endeavors; and
  • maintain a qualified faculty, a useful and supportive library, and effective administrative practices.

Academic Calendar

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