In order that his ministry may be as credible and acceptable as possible, it is important that the priest mold his human personality in such a way that it becomes a bridge and not an obstacle for others in their meetings with Jesus Christ the Redeemer.
                          -- Pope John Paul II

The Mission of Conception Seminary College is the preparation of candidates for the ordained ministry in the Roman Catholic Church through spiritual, intellectual, and character formation in the Benedictine tradition.

Attainment of the objectives of each of these formation programs will be the principal criteria in assessing a seminarian’s success in undergraduate priestly formation and suitability for ordination to the priesthood.

According to the seminary’s philosophy and belief, the education of a man’s intellect is not enough, nor is a B.A. degree the sole measure of his worth to himself and to others.

Thus, from a religious point of view, Conception intends each graduate to be experienced in faith, persevering in prayer, committed to the practice of sound morality, aware of his own strengths and limitations and able to give himself to others.

Conception Seminary College desires its graduates to be men of the Church, ready to implement the Gospel message in constructive, apostolic-minded ways. Whether as priests, as religious, or as laymen, they should give substance to their belief that the Christian life is a call to untiring service and communion.

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