Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Position

Dr. John Bloomingdale

Professor: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Mr. Christopher Brite

Library Director

Br. Anselm Broom, OSB

Instructor: Philosophy and Latin

Ms. Barbara Cowan

Library Circulation Manager

Mr. Ben Darnell

Chaplain / Formation Advisor; Instructor: Theology

Dr. Jonathan Fuqua

Assistant Professor: Philosophy

Dr. Ted Goudge

Instructor: Physical Science

Rev. Steve Hansen

Spiritual Director

Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB

Assistant Professor: Theology

Br. Justin Hernandez, OSB

Associate Professor: Philosophy; Director of Financial Aid

Mr. Steven Hess

Instructor: Art

Ms. Fiona Holly

Reference and Outreach Librarian

Rev. Etienne Huard, OSB

Instructor: Theology; Chaplain / Formation Advisor

Br. Simeon Johnson, OSB

Assistant for Music and Liturgy in Seminary

Rev. Aquinas Keusenkothen, OSB

Spiritual Director

Br. Jacob Kubajak, OSB

Business Manager / Treasurer; Instructor: Natural Sciences

Br. Cyprian Langlois, OSB

Assistant Professor: Speech, LCC Program

Ms. Anne Lech

Director of LCC Program; Instructor: English and LCC Program

Br. Michael Marcotte, OSB

Assistant Professor: Music

Dr. Elizabeth McGrath

Academic Dean; Professor: Philosophy

Rev. Pachomius Meade, OSB

Vice Rector / Dean of Students; Chaplain / Formation Advisor; Assistant Professor of Fine Arts

Rev. Xavier Nacke, OSB

Assistant Professor: Theology; Spiritual Director

Rt. Rev. Benedict Neenan, OSB

Chancellor; Associate Professor: Theology

Br. Jude Person, OSB

Assistant Professor: English

Rev. Daniel Petsche, OSB

Director of Pastoral Formation; Spiritual Director

Rev. Duane Reinert, OFM,Cap.

Professor: Social & Behavioral Sciences; Director of Counseling Services

Mrs. Amy Schieber

Director of Administration

Mrs. Jeanette Schieber

Registrar; Director of Admissions

Very Rev. Victor Schinstock, OSB

President-Rector; Instructor: Theology

Rev. Paul Sheller, OSB

Director of Spiritual Formation; Director of Seminary Liturgy

Br. Thomas Sullivan, OSB

Professor Emeritus: History; Director of Alumni Relations

Rev. Chuck Tobin

Spiritual Director

Br. David Wilding, OSB

Instructor: Music

Br. Elias Zaczkiewicz, OSB

Director of International Students; Instructor: Theology, LCC Program; Director of Deacon Formation Program
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