Welcome from the Rector

No one can deny that the formation of future priests is of utmost importance. The call to priesthood is a call to live a life of discipleship, dedicating his life to God in service to the Church, a demanding call that could overwhelm anyone unprepared for the task. It is only by the grace of God that anyone can live out this calling, and priestly formation seeks to address anything that would hinder a priest or seminarian from receiving that grace. For this to happen, a seminarian must come to know God and know himself, a difficult task but one that must take place before he can be deemed ready for ordination.

Conception Seminary College, with its rural location, monastic tradition, and history of priestly formation seeks to provide a peaceful and supportive environment that will enable these young men to carry out this work and become integrated, holy servants of God.

We humbly ask you to pray for Conception Seminary College, both the formators and the seminarians, as we seek to form Men of Communion for the future of the Catholic Church.


Fr. Victor Schinstock, OSB

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