Thursday, May. 5th 2016

CSC 2016 Graduates: Brad Distler



Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri

Home Parish?

St. Martin’s Catholic Church

Future plans after graduation?

Go to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary for theology studies.

Favorite Memory from your time at Conception Seminary College?

Playing card games with Martin Parizek, Nick Newton, my family, and a couple of friends after the play my junior year.

Favorite course you took at CSC?


What will you miss the most CSC?

The brotherhood.

Favorite Sacred Scripture passage?

Philemon 4

What did you learn most while at CSC?

How to pray, a love for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and that you don’t have to do everything, but to do all the small things that you are able to do.

Words of wisdom?

What you put into seminary is what you will get out of it.

What ways have you grown as a result of the formation at CSC?

I am willing to stand up for my views instead of saying that any view could be right.

Current reading?

Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales
Path Books Diana by Pharoah Francis
Love and Responsibility by St. John Paul II

Patron Saints?

St. Francis de Sales

Any words to offer about those that helped in your formation at CSC?

Thank you for your perseverance in helping me to be a better person.

Favorite spiritual reading?

The Gift of Oneself by Joseph Schryvers because it speaks to the simply ways that I can live asceticism in my life.

Greatest impact on your decision to enter seminary? Why?

My ex-girlfriend. When I was dating her, she would ask me about once a month if I was really called to marriage because she could see that I was longing to devote myself to God even though I thought that I was devoting myself to her.

Favorite hour of the Divine Office?

Night Prayer, because it reminds me of how finite life is and it reminds me to try to pray constantly because I do not know when I will be taken back to the Lord.

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