Dr. Jonathan Fuqua

Dr. Jonathan Fuqua

Assistant Professor: Philosophy


B.A. Culver-Stockton College (2003); M.A. Baylor University (2006); M.A. University of Missouri-St. Louis (2009); Ph.D. Purdue University (2018)

Bio / Information:

Dr. Fuqua received his Ph.D. from Purdue University.  He specializes in ethics, epistemology, and philosophy of religion but is really a generalist who teaches across the philosophical curriculum.  In his teaching and research, he is most interested in bringing the classical Western philosophical tradition to bear on the questions, problems, and challenges people are thinking about today.  His research focuses on commonsense metaphilosophy of the sort endorsed by Aristotle, the Scholastics, and Thomas Reid, and more particularly on bringing this metaphilosophy to bear on scientific challenges to moral realism.  Together with his wife, Angela, he has four children; they were received into the Catholic Church at Easter in 2017.  Dr. Fuqua considers it a great privilege to be able to serve the Church by training her future priests to learn how to think philosophically and particularly enjoys being able to carry out this service with the monastic community at Conception Abbey.    

To contact Dr. Fuqua, please email him at jfuqua@conception.edu


Articles and Book Chapters

  1. “Public Reason and Religion,” in The Routledge Handbook of Church-State Studies (forthcoming).
  2. “Metaethical Mooreanism and Evolutionary Debunking,” Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association(forthcoming).
  3. “Dogmatism Without Mooreanism,” American Philosophical Quarterly, 54:2 (2017): 169-181.
  4. “Courting Epistemology: Legal Scholarship, the Courts, and the Rationality of Religious Belief,” (co-authored with Shannon Holzer) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, 3:2 (2014): 195-211.

Edited Books

  1. Faith and Reason: Catholic Philosophers Explain Their Turn to Catholicism (co-edited with Brian Besong) (Ignatius Press, 2019).
  2. Rome and the Theologians (co-edited with Daniel Strudwick) (Ignatius Press, forthcoming).