Mr. Robert Johnson, APRN

Mr. Robert Johnson, APRN

Wellness Program Director Instructor: Wellness


B.A.  Conception Seminary College (1975); M.T.S. Hellenic College/Holy Cross (1989); M.S.N. Family Nurse Practitioner University of San Diego (2013); Post-Graduate Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Maryville University (2019)

Bio / Information:

 Mr. Johnson studied and received a B.A in Philosophy from CSC in 1975. He went on to work as a counselor in psychiatry and subsequently became an RN, working mainly in psychiatry, home health and hospice.  He did graduate studies in Eastern Christian theology in Massachusetts, and furthered his medical studies getting an M.S.N. in San Diego specifically to become a family and adult/gerontology Nurse Practitioner, working and helping run an urgent care in rural Georgia. Later he did post-graduate work in psychiatry and counseling to sit for the psychiatric NP boards. Along with being the Wellness Instructor, teaching HPE1000, he works part time for the Missouri Department of Corrections as a mental health provider. He has volunteered for some years in the Abbey Infirmary and in 2020 assisted in establishing the Seminary Infirmary.