Friday, Mar. 11th 2016

Don’t Give Up – Lenten Reflection by Sergio Legarreta

We are in the fourth week of Lent. That is a little more than half way to Easter. At this point, temptation for giving up our Lenten resolutions grows, and the desire for a dessert grows even more. If you know that your friend gave up dessert for Lent, inviting him to eat at Cheesecake Factory might not be a good idea. Let us not beset our friends who want to do the right thing. We also may have the temptation to criticize and judge our brothers, but instead let us pray for each other. If you know a friend has broken his Lenten resolution, be prudent and do not judge him, but help him to come back to the right path instead of giving him more desserts. These acts of kindness could mean a great deal to help your brother make it to Easter. Whether you are the “good” guy trying to complete your fast or the “bad” guy trying to make your friend fall, we pray that God will help you and your brothers to meet your goals and not give up.


Sergio Legarreta-Carrasco is a junior at Conception Seminary College studying for the Diocese of El Paso in Texas.

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