Monday, Aug. 15th 2016

Inside Scoop: Welcome to Conception!

Seeing as the work and play of the summer months is threatening to wind down for many of us, it’s high time we returnees sent out a welcome to all new seminarians coming to join us at Conception Seminary College! Those of us who will be coming back for a second, third, or fourth (or eighth!) year are quite naturally at varying levels of excitement for another year of formation, as any group of persons will be for any new thing. But one thing we all have in common is our love for Jesus and the Church, and we are all looking forward to sharing with you the opportunities available to us in formation at CSC of growing deeper in that love. Being a seminarian at CSC will afford you many different avenues to fall more deeply in love with Christ through service: from positions of leadership with the Knights of Columbus, student committees, and the Community Council; to acts of service like work-study jobs and Ora et Labora (the Benedictine staple of Prayer and Work–for us a weekly time for chores and reflection), to the daily routine of studies and prayer and socializing and, of course, practical jokes; there are an abundance of ways to express our hopes and desires to get to know our Lord in greater freedom, depth, and love!

And so, whether you are a new seminarian or just new to CSC, know that there is nothing to fear, so don’t bother! The orientation team will be present to you as you arrive to answer any of your questions, and perhaps just as importantly if not more so, your parents’ questions! Probably, you are feeling like you’re walking into an unfamiliar room without lights or windows, but that’s fine! God has brought you here, and He will show you the way as the adventure unfolds. The most important thing to remember is this, the school motto: Caritas Christi Urget Nos: The love of Christ urges us on! If throughout this year we can look to the love of Christ–it will carry all of us on this year as we learn to give more of ourselves to our brothers in this community, and whomever God is calling us to one day serve. In the meantime, know that our prayers are with you, and please do be praying for the seminary staff, administration, monastic community, and, well, pretty much everyone and everything.! We all need prayers–it truly is the grace that keeps us alive! I personally can’t wait to meet everyone and learn about the path that has brought each of you to this point in your life! Please stay tuned for more information and some helpful bits of wisdom brought to you by my friends and fellow Sons of Thunder Eric, Brian, Jon, Alessandro, Chris, Mark, Cruz, and Charles.

God bless,

Chris  Davis

CSC Community Council President

cdavisChris Davis, a seminarian of the Diocese of Salina in KS, will be a senior this year at CSC while also serving as Community Council President.

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