Thursday, Mar. 10th 2016

Mother Knows Best – Lenten Reflection by Brad Distler

Do you remember when you were a little boy or girl, and you really wanted a hot, freshly baked cookie? You pleaded with mom to let you have a cookie even though she kept on insisting that the cookies were not for you. And then you got upset with mom because she would not let you have what you wanted, even though your mom knew that you should not have the cookie so that you would be hungry for the next meal. Your mom knew what was best for you, but you hardened your heart toward her. How many of us do not listen to what Christ is telling us, just as you did not listen to your parents? Because He knows what is best for us, let us turn our ears toward the voice of Christ and listen to Him.


Brad Distler is a senior studying for the Diocese of Jefferson City in Missouri.

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