Alumni Association Ballot

Conception Seminary Alumni Association
Board of Directors Election Information 2022

You are voting for a slate of nominees for membership of the Board of Directors of the Conception Seminary Alumni Association (CSAA).

This is the official Ballot and Proxy to vote on membership to the Board of Directors of the Conception Seminary Alumni Association for the Annual Business Meeting scheduled for the 17th day of September 2022. The only item on the Ballot and Proxy is for membership to the Board of Directors.

Item #1: Elections for membership to the Board of Directors of the Conception Seminary Alumni Association. A full slate is presented on this Official Ballot and Proxy.

The following is the complete slate of nominees for a three (3) year term. You are voting for ALL or NONE. (Biographies are available below.)

  1. Ms. Karen Ceckowski            2.  Rev. Keith Chadwick

   3. Mr. Stephen Roling                4.  Mr. Stephen Van Coutren

Per the CSAA Constitution and Bylaws, a Nominating Committee was appointed to manage the nominating and election process. Nominations were gathered and vetted. Voting is open to the CSAA General Membership “during a period from sixty (60) days prior to the official Annual Business Meeting. Results shall be announced at the Alumni Business Meeting.” (Article VI, Section 1)

You can vote online at this link or fill out the ballot, that was sent to you with the invitation, and return it along with your Alumni Reunion RSVP card. Please send them to:

Conception Abbey & Seminary College
Development Office
P.O. Box 501
Conception, MO 64433

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“All ballots and voting must be received by the Nominating Committee by midnight Central Time of the day before the opening of the Annual Alumni Meeting.” (Article VI, Section 2: Sub-section H.)

Therefore, all Ballots and Proxies must be received by the Nominating Committee by midnight September 15, 2022 for this voting cycle.

Nominee Biographies

Ms. Karen Ceckowski – CSC Grad-2003.  Good standing in the Catholic Church.  Perpetually consecrated in the canonical approved Women's Secular Institute of the Heart of Jesus, holding the role of formation director for all women in the U.S. Full time employee for Conception Abbey since 1994 in the Abbey Guest Center as Assistant Director. Graduate of Creighton University with an MA in Christian Spirituality.


Rev. Keith Chadwick – Fr. Keith Chadwick is a product I’d Catholic education my whole life. After high school I attended Conception Seminary College from the Fall of 2012 until graduation in the Spring of 2016. I then attended Kenrick-Glennon in St. Louis where I graduated in the Spring of 2021. I was ordained a priest on May 29th of 2021 and am the parochial vicar at Holy Trinity in Lenexa KS. I would be happy to serve on the CSCA board. 


Mr. Stephen Roling – Steve Roling attended CSC from 1965-1967. Steve and his wife Judi have been married 44 years and live in Kansas City. They have two married daughters and 6 grandkids.  


Mr. Stephen Van Coutren – I was blessed to have attended Conception from 1965 to 1969 for the Jefferson City Diocese. Since then starting in the mid ‘70s I’ve attended most Alumni Days and hope and pray for Conception’s continued blessings for us all.


Click here for a complete listing of the current board members.

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