Sunday Reflections

  • Sunday Reflection: 4th Sunday of Advent

    "A time of waiting and longing" by Jon Tolberd, a senior from the Diocese of Wichita in Kansas We are in the midst of one of the most joyful times of the year. It is almost Christmas. Christ is almost here. Houses are being fervently cleaned and decorated,...

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  • Sunday Reflection: “Rejoice in the Lord”

    Reflection for the Third Week of Advent By Johnnatan de José María Ibarra Juárez, Freshman from the Diocese of Amarillo "Gaudete in Domino semper" (Rejoice in the Lord always) are the words that the church sings today with a singular spirit of hope...

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  • Sunday Reflection: First Sunday of Advent

    "So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.” 1st Sunday of Advent 1st Reading: Isaiah 2: 1-5 2nd Reading: Romans 13: 11-14 Gospel: Matthew 24:37-44 This Sunday is the first week of Advent....

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  • Sunday Reflection: God’s Mercy

    Reflection over the Gospel Reading for Sunday, November 20, 2016: The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universeby Upton Sewell, Sophomore from the Diocese of San Angelo.  I can only begin to wonder what it must have been like to look...

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  • Sunday Reflection: To Be Disciples

    by Sergio Legarreta, College 4 of the Diocese of El Paso These last months have been very controversial for many, but as Jesus said, “Do not be terrified; for such things must happen first, but it will not immediately be the end” (Luke 21:9). We have...

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  • Sunday Reflection: Living the Faith

    Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time 1st Reading: 2 MC 7:1-2, 9-14 Gospel: LK 20:27-38 by Casey Zimmerman of the Diocese of Salina, Pre-Theology 1 In today first reading from 2 Maccabees, we hear the story of two of the seven Jewish brothers captured...

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  • Sunday Reflection: Love for the Marginalized

    Christ's example challenges us to love those less fortunate by Ben Rogers, seminarian for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Today, Sirach tells of God’s love for the orphans, weak, oppressed, and widows. This Old Testament teaching is echoed...

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  • Reflection on the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux

    “…Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven”   The following is a meditation on the Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. The Gospel of the day was: Luke 10:17-24   Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited is packed with Catholic characters...

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  • Sunday Reflection: Harden Not Your Hearts

    In today's First Reading we are presented with this question: "For what profit comes to a man from all the toil and anxiety of heart with which he has labored under the sun?" Qooheleth, the protagonist of the book, Ecclesiastes, has had the thought many...

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  • Avoiding Book Answers

    Jesus has a knack for avoiding “book” answers. When the scholar of the law in today’s Gospel asks Jesus about gaining eternal life, Jesus responds with a question: “What is written in the law?” The scholar gives a good answer, a “book” answer,...

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  • Sunday Reflection: Holy Joy

    Take a moment to think of something that brings you joy.  Maybe it’s a family member or a friend whose constant presence in your life makes you happy.  Maybe it’s a recent advancement in work or school.  Maybe it’s a simple, pleasant conversation...

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  • The Heart of the Cross is Love

    If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:23 There once was a man who lamented often in prayer about the weight and size of the cross he was asked to bear in this life. H would cry out to...

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  • A Reflection on Hearts

    In the last few days the liturgical calendar has been focused on hearts.  Friday was the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Saturday was the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and today the readings at Mass present us with a window into the Heart...

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  • Corpus Christi – May Our Adoration Never Cease

    Every day, upon altars of the Catholic Church throughout the world, Our Lord is made incarnate in the Most Holy Eucharist. We have heard this many times. “Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist,” “Jesus is in the tabernacle.” Reflect for a moment...

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