Financial Aid

Conception Seminary College is dedicated to providing a quality education to those discerning a vocation to the ministerial priesthood. Since most students cannot pay the cost of education from personal and family income alone, they need financial aid to assist them.

This aid comes from a variety of sources and forms:

  • Federal grants
  • A sponsoring diocese
  • Conception Seminary grants and scholarships
  • Student loans
  • Work-study employment
  • Financial aid from outside sources

Conception Seminary College's Financial Aid Office looks at the needs of each applicant to help him obtain funding from the aid programs for which he is applicable.

All students are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which will help determine the availability and source of financial aid for each student. Details and assistance for filling out the FAFSA can be found at the link to the right or by making an appointment with the Director of Financial Services.

For a full description of the various types of financial aid, please see the Academic Catalog’s section on Expenses and Financial Aid.

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